15 Best Landing Pages in 2021

How do you get users to visit your website and make a purchase?

A top-notch landing page has a lot of parts, and making those elements the “best” they can be frequently relies on your landing page goals.

Take, for example, the length of the form. It’s just one of many factors to consider, but best practices suggest that both short and long forms perform well; the difference is whether you want to generate many (potentially) lower-quality form submissions or a fewer higher-quality submissions.

So, if you’re looking to improve your landing page game, knowing what makes a great landing page and seeing a few examples of these complex components in action can help.

Take a look at our list of favorite landing pages.

#1 Stripe

#2 QuestionScout

#3 Join

#4 Docspo

#5 Uscreen

#6 Mighty

#7 Nucleo

#8 Coast

#9 Agorapulse

#10 Auth0

#11 Kitchen

#12 Framer

#13 TabExtend

#14 SavvyCal

#15 Directus