4 Incredible Benefits of Physical Promotional Marketing

“One of the best tools that can keep a brand, whether it’s new or old, at the top of consumers’ minds comes in the form of promotional items.”
– Anonymous

90% of consumers who received a promotional product reported that they can recall the name of the brand. Additionally, over 80% of people claimed that they could recall the brand’s messaging after receiving a promotional product. 

In today’s digital era, we’re witnessing an ever-increasing number of businesses shift their focus towards online marketing and advertising tactics like SEO, PPC, email marketing, affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, etc. 

Despite these digital strategies helping them generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue, businesses, especially SMBs are finding it extremely hard to build an emotional connection with their audience. 

As a business owner, one of your primary goals should be to develop long-lasting and healthy relationships with your prospects and customers. And it doesn’t matter what some of those top digital gurus or experts say, you’ll likely have to spend thousands of dollars for this purpose. From building a reliable and customer-centric branding strategy to delivering a world-class consumer experience, you need to have people and processes working together systematically to help you achieve your goals. 

And sometimes – that still won’t be enough. You may find it extremely hard to achieve the desired results. 

So – my question is – how do you break through the noise in this crowded digital world and put your brand and its products and services in front of your audience?   

Say hello to physical promotional marketing.

At Market Connect, we’ve been tapping into physical promotional marketing for years. In fact, we found it so effective that we started offering promotional products like wireless chargers, T-Shirts, pens, water bottles, notebooks – anything that businesses can offer their customers with their logo on it to put a smile on their faces and take the first step towards building long-lasting relationships.

And you can do the same.

Some stats to help you realize the effectiveness of physical promotional marketing:

  • 31% of US consumers own a promotional bag
  • Eight out of every ten consumers have between one to ten promotional products.
  • 89% of consumers reported that they could recall the advertiser even after 2 years of receiving a promotional product. 
  • 83% of consumers love receiving promotional products with an advertising message.
  • 58% of consumers that were surveyed reported that they keep promotional items from over a period of one to four years.
  • 72% of consumers reported that the quality of the promotional product is directly related to a company’s reputation.


While I can go on and on with these stats, my primary aim is to highlight how beneficial promotional products are and how they can help you not only build healthy relationships with your prospects and customers but also save your top dollars. 

Buckle up – we’re about to visit the realm of physical promotional marketing

4 Incredible Benefits of Physical Promotional Marketing Businesses Should Be Familiar With

Four reasons you should offer promotional items to your customers include:

  • Budget-Friendly Marketing Tactic that Delivers Great Results
  • Allows Businesses to Build Long-Lasting Relationships 
  • Greater Business Exposure
  • Build Customer Loyalty

Budget-Friendly Marketing Tactic That Delivers Great Results

Google’s advertising revenue stood at $57.1 billion in Q2 2021. Amazon’s advertising revenue equaled $7.9 billion during the same quarter. Whereas Facebook generated about $28 billion in the second quarter of 2021.

Companies spend thousands of dollars each month on advertising. As a result, their advertising campaigns help them attract millions of their prospects towards their website or landing pages. On top of this, they have growth marketers and marketing funnel experts – who help them convert the maximum number of their prospects into paying customers.

This means – corporations are allocating millions of dollars towards their advertising efforts – which means digital marketing and advertising isn’t always the most cost-effective option. Yes – you can scale down your campaigns. You don’t necessarily need to spend millions of dollars like large enterprises – but if you lower your budget, you will face a hard time reaching out to your audience in an efficient manner.

That’s where physical promotional marketing comes in to save the day. 

One of the big benefits of physical promotional marketing is that it’s a low-cost marketing tactic that has been known to deliver incredible results. People want to feel special – and if you make them – they’ll always remember you.

53% of consumers use promotional products at least once a week. Or even more. You can keep your brand’s name at the top of your consumers’ minds by offering promotional products – which will help you show how much you value them. While you may have to spend money on these items initially, think of the long-term benefits. 

Think of it as purchasing Bitcoin in 2011. 

Also, bonus – you’ll be taking the first step towards building a long-lasting relationship with your audience.

Allow Businesses to Build Long-Lasting Relationship with Their Audience

Your prospects or customers can’t physically touch your social media photos or digital banners. And the thing about physical touch – it increases the levels of serotonin and dopamine, which are two neurotransmitters that help regulate a person’s mood and relieve stress as well as anxiety.

This means – your audience can forget your paid ad campaigns or digital marketing efforts in no time. But if you give them a physical product, they’ll always have your brand’s name at the top of their mind. As we mentioned earlier, 89% of consumers reported that they could recall the advertiser even after 2 years of receiving a promotional product. 

With physical promotional marketing, you’ll be showing your audience that you care. And every time your audience uses your promotional item, they will remember you. These items will be indirectly strengthening your bond with your consumers – which will help you build and maintain long-lasting and healthy relationships and at the same time boost brand loyalty.

Greater Business Exposure

Like we said before, your consumers will never remember your digital ads or billboards a few days from now. In fact, they may not remember it within the next few hours.

“Wait – when did I see such an ad?”

But – your branded items will always be right in front of them. They may even use it on a daily basis. For example, if you gift them a branded personalized coffee mug, they’ll have your brand’s name, logo, and message at the top of their minds every time they drink coffee. Or if you gift them a T-Shirt, it’s not just the one who wears the T-Shirt that’ll have you at the top of their minds, but also folks around him/her.

Freebies are an excellent way to boost business exposure. Every time, your prospects and consumers use your products – they’ll have you at the top of their minds. And it’s not just them – but also their friends and family members who will directly or indirectly interact with your freebies.

Build Customer Loyalty

We’ve witnessed businesses with incredible conversion rates. However, one of the areas they fail at is retaining their customers post-purchase. Sometimes – that’s due to poor quality of products or disappointing customer service.

And the worst part is that some brands don’t take the much-needed steps to retain their customers. 

We believe that businesses should be laser-focused on building a loyal customer base. That’s because it’ll not only help them retain their already existing customers but also be subject to more exposure via word-of-mouth marketing. 

With promotional products, you can drive customer loyalty in an efficient manner and well within a short span of time. However, if you are offering promotional products, we’d advise you to offer items of the highest quality standards. At the same time, make sure that they’re branded.

Offering premium quality products as freebies will help you make a great impression in front of your consumers. At the same time, it’ll help you showcase your dedication to offering the highest-quality products or services.

And this will help you build trust and retain the maximum number of your customers. Also, you’ll find your customers being all praises and promoting your business via word-of-mouth. 

That’s the reason we advise businesses to start offering premium promotional items. The benefits of doing so are simply endless.

Kickstart Your Physical Promotional Marketing Campaigns Today!

People want to build long-lasting relationships with businesses. But in today’s digital world, with so many businesses trying to put their products and services in front of consumers, building emotional connections has now become hard.

Even the top giants – businesses that we look up to – have run some sort of promotional campaigns in the past. That’s what helped them build momentum and reach where they are now.

In today’s digital era, businesses are failing to realize the unbelievable potential of promotional marketing. Don’t make the same mistake most businesses do.

Kickstart your physical promotional marketing campaign today.