5 Brilliant Facebook Advertising Tips That are Just Too Good to Ignore

Facebook’s advertising revenue stood at $28.5 billion in Q2 2021. When compared with the number fetched from Q1 2021, Facebook’s advertising revenue grew by a gigantic 12% QoQ. At the same time, the tech giant witnessed a whopping 56% YoY advertising revenue growth.

That’s just huge. 

Here’s a graph we fetched from Statista:

Despite spending thousands of dollars on Facebook advertising, over 62% of businesses fail with their efforts. Even after testing a world full of interests and demographics, conducting thorough competitive analysis, tweaking the copy over and over again, and using a whole lot of images, some advertisers and businesses often find themselves wasting their top dollars on Facebook ads.

For some reason, they are never able to craft a profitable ad. And in the end, they think of Facebook ads as an extremely bad investment.

But like we always say, you can apply the most brilliant tactic yet still struggle with your marketing and advertising efforts if you don’t do it right. 

Yes – we know that Facebook advertising is not a piece of cake. But it’s a platform being used by 2.8 billion active users. 

Your target audience is already hanging out on Facebook. But for some reason, you’re not able to make them click-through.

Maybe – you are not reaching out to the right people. 

Or what if your Facebook ad copy sucks?

If you are wondering how to ace your Facebook advertising efforts, you’re at the right place. Here, we’ll be sharing the five most brilliant Facebook advertising tips that you can take into consideration to skyrocket your Facebook ads CTR, the website traffic, and at the same time other metrics like ROI, conversion rate, and more.

5 Too Good to Ignore Facebook Advertising Tips You Should Take into Consideration

Here are the helpful tips we’re going to discuss:

  • Make an offer Your audience can’t refuse
  • Use Facebook Ads Library to spy on Your competition
  • Narrowing down Your target audience with engaged shoppers
  • Use different types of ads
  • Run a testimonial carousel ad campaign

Make an Offer Your Audience Can’t Refuse

You can craft the most brilliant Facebook ad in the world yet still struggle with your advertising efforts if your offer sucks. 

“Strong copy won’t overcome a weak offer. But – a strong offer will succeed in spite of a weak copy crafted by marketing morons.”
– Gary Halbert

While having a great copy can make your audience take the desired action, you need to make sure that you’re making an offer your audience can’t refuse. 

To make your audience take the desired action, you need to make sure that your offer triggers their emotions. 

And by offer – I don’t mean offering heavy discounts. Yes – discounts will do wonders for your business, but you can make an offer like:

“Every purchase feeds 10 hungry children.”

Now that’s an offer your audience will find irresistible. You may offer a 70% discount – but what will make your audience move is the fact that their purchase will result in 10 hungry children being fed.

And if you combine both offers, you have a conversion-focused Facebook ad in your hands.

Use Facebook Ads Library to Spy on Your Competition

What if I told you that you can spy on your competitors’ ads and try to gain more insights into them with a click of your mouse? 

It doesn’t matter who your competitors are, if they are running ads on Facebook, you can see them. Also, you can dive deep into them to understand what’s working for them and what’s not – which will help you understand what your audience is reacting to, what makes them move, and what influences their purchase decisions.

To spy on your competitors’ ads:

Head over to Facebook Ad Library. Or just click here.

Now, under search ads, you need to select the location, ad category, and type in your competitors’ name. For the sake of learning, let’s do it for SEMRush.

And here you go:

Ads Launched in October 2021:

Ads Launched in October 2021:

Under each ad, you can click on “See Ad Details” to gain more insights. Also, you can select their CTA to head over to the page they want you to head over to upon clicking their ads.

This is just brilliant.

And you can use all of this info to fuel your advertising campaigns. 

Narrow Audiences Your Target Audience with Engaged Shoppers

You may not have enough data to reach out to the ones who are most likely to purchase your product(s) or service(s). 

Or maybe you don’t know who your target audience really is. 

Most business owners face a hard time figuring out who their target audience is. Also, if they have it all figured out, they find it really hard to categorize them into different buyer personas. 

Don’t worry if you aren’t familiar with your target audience. You can still reach out to the right people with the “Narrow Audience” option.

Let’s say you are a bookkeeper and are looking forward to targeting and reaching out to people interested in small business-related topics. To reach out to the right people, you can add interests such as “Small Business.”

And as you do, you’ll see “Exclude People” and “Narrow Audience” options. 

Select “Narrow Audience.”

And as you do, the category will expand as follows:

Now, in the search bar, search “Engaged Shoppers.”

The benefit of doing this – you won’t be wasting your top dollars on people with interest in “Small Business.” 

Literally, you’ll find millions of people interested in small business.

But instead by setting “Engaged Shoppers,” you will be reaching out to people with “Small Business” as their interests and have a history of clicking through the ads and making a purchase.

Using this option, you’ll be reaching out to people who are most likely to purchase from you. But one of the downsides of narrowing down with engaged shoppers is that Facebook will charge you a much higher amount for these types of ads. 

However, we believe that it’s worth the money and when you have everything in the right place, you can skyrocket your click-through and conversion rate in an efficient manner.

Use Different Types of Ads

The secret to running a highly profitable Facebook ad campaign is trying and testing different approaches. It’s about learning what’s working best for you and your business.

And to learn what’s working and what’s not, we test different types of ads, which include:

  • Image Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Poll Ads
  • Carousel Ads
  • Slideshow Ads
  • Collection Ads

And more!

Some people respond well to videos. 

Whereas there are some who skip them completely.

And then there are people who are constantly scrolling sideways. 

What I’m trying to convey here is that different people react to different types of ads. And Facebook is already aware of this – that’s the reason it allows advertisers to craft different types of ads.

If you craft a video ad campaign, Facebook will only display this ad in front of the people who watch videos on the platform. People who have never watched a video ad on Facebook or have not watched them for more than three seconds will never see your video ad.

Based on your business model and who your target audience is, the type of Facebook ad that works best for you will vary. If your audience hates videos, there’s no point in running Facebook video ad campaigns.

That’s the reason we help our clients kickstart their Facebook ad journey by trying and testing different types of ads. And based on the results, we try to gain insights into which types of ads their target audience responded well to.

Run a Testimonial Carousel Ad Campaign

92% of consumers have reported that they read online reviews before purchasing a product. At the same time, 72% of consumers have revealed that positive testimonials, as well as reviews, boost their trust in a business.

Using your past clients as social proof is a brilliant way to boost credibility and attract your audience’s attention. 

Here’s a brilliant example:

If people believe that your product actually works and has done wonders for your past customers, they will love nothing more than purchasing it from you. But obviously, you wouldn’t want to push it down their throats.

So, one of the best ways to display your ads and position your business as credible and authoritative without being salesy, is to run a testimonial-based Facebook carousel ad campaign.


Build a Conversion-Focused Facebook Advertising Strategy Today!

As we mentioned before, Facebook is a platform of 2.8 billion. It’s probably the place where your audience hangs out the most. And to smartly reach out to the ones who are most likely to purchase your product or service, you’ll need a brilliant fool-proof Facebook advertising strategy for your business.

While building one, make sure that it revolves around the five brilliant Facebook advertising tips we’ve shared in this blog post. These tactics when strategically implemented will help you skyrocket your ROI, conversion rate and knock your advertising efforts out of the park.