5 Irresistible Google Ad Examples to Inspire Your PPC Campaigns

You’ll be shocked to know that more than 80% of Alphabet’s (Google’s parent company) revenue comes from Google Ads. Google’s advertising revenue stood at a whopping $146.92 billion in 2020. And in its Q2 2021 earning call, Alphabet revealed that its Q2 2021 ad revenue equaled $57.1 billion – signaling a meteoric 69% YoY growth.

With an ever-increasing number of businesses investing thousands of dollars in Google advertising, it has now become more important than ever to build strategic conversion-focused Google Ad campaigns. 

If you want to achieve success with Google Ads, you need to do it right. From being clear on your objectives to targeting the right keywords to crafting an emotion-provoking copy to a highly converting landing page, it’s extremely critical to build a strategic plan – that’s the only way you’ll be able to stand out.

When it comes to Google Ads, you need to make sure that your advertisements target your audience’s attention efficiently. And with a limited amount of space – even the best copywriters in the world can fail to help businesses achieve their goals.

Google offers the following different types of Google Ad campaigns:

  • Search Campaigns – Google Search
  • Display Campaigns – Image Ads on Websites
  • Video Campaigns – YouTube
  • Shopping Campaigns – Google Shopping
  • App Campaigns – Various Channels
  • Local Campaigns 
  • Smart Campaigns


Depending on your requirements, you can choose from one of the above-mentioned campaign types. However, in this blog post, we’ll be focusing on Google Ad Search Campaigns to help you gain clarity on what works and what doesn’t. 

Before we look at the five best Google Ad campaign examples – it’s important to gain insights into the character limits:

  • Headline 1 – Up to 30 Characters
  • Headline 2 – Up to 30 Characters
  • Headline 3 – Up to 30 Characters
  • Description 1 – Up to 90 Characters
  • Description 2 – Up to 90 Characters
  • Path 1 – 15 Characters Each
  • Path 2 – 15 Characters Each



That being said, let’s gain insights into five of the best Google Ad examples – ones that we personally love.

Let’s dive in.

5 Best Google Ads Examples to Inspire Your Campaigns

Okay – so here’s our top five list and why they rock:

  • Dropbox – Provide Free Trials
  • Upwork – Tap into the Best There is
  • Zapier – Show Them People Trust You
  • WordStream – Stop Wasting Your Precious Advertising Dollars
  • SEMRush – Conquer the Top Spot


Let’s explore each of these ads one by one.

Dropbox – We’re Offering a Free Trial

Wondering why this ad topped our list? It’s just brilliant. 

According to a study, B2B companies that offer free trials witness a gigantic 66% conversions among users. 

Offering free trials have helped thousands, if not millions, of businesses, skyrocket their conversion rates and profit margins. Offering free trials helps consumers experience what they’ll be spending their top dollars on and gain insights into the quality of the product. At the same time, it helps businesses catch their audience’s attention, capture their consumer details, demonstrate their confidence in their product’s quality, and position themselves as credible and authoritative.

Dropbox offers a 30-days free trial to its users. And their Google Ad doesn’t fail to highlight this point. They have highlighted that they are offering a free trial in their headline. At the same time, they have used the description section to highlight some plus points:

  • Extended File Recovery
  • Extended Version History
  • Password-Protected Links
  • Cloud Storage
  • Live File Collaboration
  • Deleted File Recovery
  • Large File Transfers

And more!

Also, by using site link extensions, they are redirecting their audience (enterprise-level) to their professional and pricing pages. Also, they can click through the “Dropbox Features” extension to gain deeper insights into what Dropbox has to offer.

This advertisement is just brilliant.

Upwork - Tap into the Best There is

Upwork’s Q2 2021 revenue stood at $124,181 – a 41.9% spike from last quarter. Over the course of the last few years, the freelancing platform’s revenue has skyrocketed – as you can clearly see in this data chart:

Upwork is, hands down, one of the best online freelance marketplaces in the world. And they haven’t failed to convey this message via Google Ads.

Their headline – Upwork: Hire the Best – Trust Your Job to True Experts – is a message to business owners that they can trust freelancers (experts) on the platform to help them out. Also, not every freelancer who signs up on Upwork gets approved. Upwork is looking for the best of the best freelancers to offer their services to clients – which is one of their Unique Selling Proposition (USPs) and they have smartly conveyed it in their Google Ad.

They have targeted emotion-provoking keywords like “Grow Your Team Fast,” “90% of Customers Rehire,” and “TRUSTED by 5M+ Businesses” to capture businesses’ attention. Hiring trusted professionals is no piece of cake – and Upwork is conveying to business owners that they are making the hiring process extremely simpler for them – which is why even the top giants like Cloudfare, Canva, and many more are looking forward to hiring the best freelancers on Upwork.

Also, they’ve used site extensions for the purpose of directing their users to important pages like:

  • How Does it Work? – Informative Page
  • Hire Now – Incredible CTA
  • Browse Freelancer Talent – Good CTA
  • Find Agencies on Upwork – Good CTA

Zapier – Show Them Professionals Trust You

Zapier’s total monthly visits stand at more than 6 million. It’s one of the best platforms with thousands of app integrations – allowing business and professionals to automate their day-to-day activities and save time.

As we mentioned above, Zapier is used by six million people. We use it as well. And the best part is – we trust it to get things done. Similarly, millions of professionals trust their platform to help them with their day-to-day activities. 

Zapier’s marketing department is well-aware of this – and they have clearly conveyed that millions of professionals trust Zapier – which helps them create a great first impression. Also, they offer more integrations than other platforms out there – which helps them stand out. They have clearly mentioned their USP – which makes this ad even more irresistible.

This ad’s description is well-crafted – as the marketing department at Zapier has clearly highlighted that they are offering a free trial and at the same time, their platform is one of the most brilliant integration ones available on the internet.

Almost any plus point you can think of – it’s clearly mentioned.

Also, you’ll see that their site extensions have brilliantly crafted CTAs like:

  • Save time with automation
  • Get started in minutes
  • Join millions worldwide


And that’s just brilliant.

WordStream – Stop Wasting Your Precious Advertising Dollars

We’ve witnessed thousands of businesses waste thousands of dollars on poorly structured paid ads campaigns. And imagine the money they could have saved only if they had equipped WordStream’s smart tools in their arsenal. 

Businesses and professionals continue to waste money on poorly-structured Google Ads – even though they don’t want to. After all, who likes wasting money, right? 

This pain point has been clearly highlighted in their headline – which says “Stop Wasting Money in AdWords.”

This is followed by their description where the WordStream team has added the points “Get Your Free AdWords Performance Grade in Less than 1 Minute,” “Free AdWords Grader” – which are the tools they offer.

Also, they have highlighted their services – which is a perfect use of the space they have been allocated.

Next, their extensions – “Free Keyword Tool,” “WordStream Advisor,” “Grade Your FB Ads” & “Grade Your Google Ads” have been strategically placed. Professionals and businesses want experts to grade their ads – they want to know what’s wrong. And to learn whether their ads are good or not – they will instantly click on the “Grade Your FB Ads” and “Grade Your Google Ads” extensions.

Also, they would love nothing more than to conduct keyword research – without paying any money – which is why “Free Keyword Tool” is just the perfect extension they could have placed.

SEMRush – Conquer the Top Spot

More than 90% of users don’t move past the first page of the search engine results. This means – if your website doesn’t rank at the top – you’ll be missing out on more than 90% of your audience.

As a result, businesses are spending their top dollars on their SEO efforts – from hiring SEO specialists to rolling out content pieces to spending thousands of dollars on backlinking. SEMRush is one of the most popular SEO tools available on the internet with a world full of features that are focused on helping businesses rank at the top. 

Business owners want the top spot – and marketing heads at SEMRush know this. That’s the reason they have highlighted “Want the Top Spot?” in the form of a question. Also, almost all agencies end up making marketing mistakes. Folks at SEMRush have made as well, which is why they have highlighted “Make Up for Marketing Mistakes.” This is their way of saying that once they equip SEMRush, they won’t be making any SEO mistakes.

Moving forward, their description is great. While it’s not the perfect description in the world, they have a few points which have been well-placed:

  • Try SEMRush
  • Best SEO Tool 2020 Winner
  • 800,000,000+ Domains
  • 140+ Geo Databases
  • 40+ Trillion Backlinks
  • 20+ Billion Keywords


Also, they have brilliantly used extensions by placing their top four features in front of their audience. 

Brilliant job, SEMRush!

Rock Your Google Ad Campaigns Today!

For every dollar businesses spend on Google Ads, they can expect an average return of $2. But that’s applicable only if you build strategic conversion-focused campaigns – the smart way.

That’s the reason we listed out five of the best performing Google Ads. We’d advise you to thoroughly look at each of them and gain more insights into what makes them so good.

And if you think we missed any, we’d love to hear from you.

Feel free to reach out to us today!