8 Email Marketing Examples that Really Work

You almost certainly have an email address if you’re reading this (or two, or three …). You’ve most likely been sending and receiving emails for years, and you’ve almost certainly gotten some dubious emails in your mailbox.

We’re guessing you tossed them in the trash because they were unexpected, uninformative, or had a boring subject line.

While email has survived the test of time, many marketers have neglected to adapt their tactics since it was first introduced. So, to make sure you’re sending current emails that are worth some of your readers’ time and attention, we’ve put up a collection of successful email samples to get you started on your next campaign.

#1 Uber


  • Gets to the point with a brief description and clear CTA
  • Consistent brand message translates to customer loyalty

#2 JetBlue


  • Quirky and humorous message
  • CTA stands out with contrasting colors

#3 BirchBox


  • Clever subject line pulling customers to open email
  • Gives customer unexpected delight with collaboration discount

#4 RunKeeper


  • Showcases changes and features to reengage lost customers
  • Content tone is friendly and welcoming

#5 TheSkimm


  • Email is triggered by a customer milestone giving a personalized experience to loyal customers
  • Clear message with concise content and pleasant design

#6 Loft


  • Offers to better personalize customer experience with emails
  • Non-aggressive and friendly CTA 

#7 J.Crew Factory


  • Content focuses on a common customer problem
  • Provides a solution through a humorous message and tone

#8 Dropbox


  • Incorporates their logo with the product being offered
  • Uses friendly cartoons to be welcoming and unique