Fulfillment Policy

At Market Connect, Inc., we are committed to providing timely and efficient delivery of all our marketing products and services. Below are the details of our fulfillment procedures and policies.

Order Processing: The processing time for orders depends on the product type and the level of customization required. We offer a delivery estimate tailored to each project at the time the order is placed. This ensures that our customers receive accurate information on when to expect their products.

Shipping Methods and Partners: For digital products, we use an online transfer portal to ensure secure and immediate delivery. For physical products, we primarily use UPS or freight services for larger orders, selecting the most appropriate method based on the specifics of the project.

Shipping Locations: We ship our products to locations within the United States and Canada.

Delivery Times: Delivery times vary based on the shipping method used and the destination. Customers will receive a specific delivery estimate for their order based on these factors.

Tracking Information: For all physically shipped orders, we provide tracking information so that customers can track the progress of their deliveries.

Handling Fees and Additional Charges: Shipping and handling fees apply to orders and vary depending on the size of the order and the shipping distance. These fees are communicated to customers at the time of order placement.

Packaging: Our products are packaged securely to ensure they arrive in excellent condition. The type of packaging used is chosen based on the nature of the product and the requirements of the shipping method.

Customer Service: For any questions related to the status of an order, customers can contact our customer service team via email at billing@marketconnect.com.

Changes to Orders: Once an order is placed, we cannot accommodate changes. This ensures that we can process all orders efficiently and maintain timely delivery.

Special Circumstances: We strive to meet all delivery estimates, but occasionally, unforeseen circumstances may affect our fulfillment timelines. We commit to communicating any significant delays as soon as we become aware of them.